Loverly Love

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Today I am thankful for the things I love:

My Husband.
Being Creative.
My mom and sisters.
My dad.
Everyone in my "extended" family.
All of the family I have lost touch with... I miss you!

I think love means not asking the ones you love to do something they don't want to do.
I also think that loves means doing the things you don't want to do for someone you love.
And I know how most men hate Valentine's Day.


I didn't ask for anything.
Not even a card.
Okay, I did ask for breakfast in bed, but apparently Goose wanted to give that to me anyway. I didn't need to ask.

My husband does so much for me, and for that I am thankful.  
I got him a whole bag of goodies...
He's the cook, so I got him some garlic rubs, maridades, EVOO, and some mustard.  
Some chocolates too.  
He loved it.
I couldn't even wait till midnight to give it to him.
I was so excited to see him smile.

And I can't wait for Goose to open her gifts... I may have gone a little over board. 
I just want my family to know how much they mean to me.  
I know I don't have to buy them things to show them...

I don't think I will be getting anything, but thats really okay with me.
I'm happy with the smiles from my family!
I even sent Valentines', in the mail, to my family.
More smiles! Oh, happy mail!

I love you all!
Thanks to my loyal readers!

PS - Thank you to all who have given me input on your religious beliefs.  It's so nice to hear different points of view.  Please keep them coming! I want to learn SO MUCH more!!!

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