(Almost) Monday Morning Confessional

I am THAT mom.  
Today is a holiday;
Hubs and I are both off...
And Goose will be going to daycare.

I'm a terrible mother.
My child will be scarred for life...

Or will she?

Okay, so here is the deal.

We have it worked out that Goose is only in daycare two days a week. Monday and Wednesday.  The rest of the time she is with family and weekends are spent at home.  I know we don't spend as much time with her as we "should" (what does that even mean, anyway?) but, honestly, the thing is... daycare ain't cheap! We spend quite a bit just for her to go on those two days and we have to pay whether she is there are not.  It sucks.  But it is what it is.


Goose loves "school."
She loves her friends.
She loves to make crafts.
She loves the attention.

And, quite frankly, she needs the interaction.
Craves it.
I need her to have the interaction.

Hubs and I rarely spent time alone.
During the day.

So... we are gonna take advantage of it!

Call me a bad mom, I don't care.
I know Goose will be happier at school than hangin' at home while Hubs and I catch up on the cleaning.
'Cuz we didn't do much all weekend.
And its hard for all of us, being cooped up when the weather is bad.
It's just better for ALL of us this way.
Trust me.  

And here is the real confession...

I'm not even gonna let myself feel guilty about it.
Not in the slightest.

Don't be judgey...

PS - Check out the AH-mazing vintage jacket I snagged this weekend at Fun Junk. Actually, its a suit but the skirt is WAY small. 
The coat fits purrrfect. 
This is just a bad photo booth pic, but you should get the idea.

1 comment:

Miss. Candy said...

No name calling here!! I think it is great!! Enjoy your time alone is what I say, you will become happier and be better parents because you made yourself happy! So you are doing to for the child!! lol!!

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