Working Mom Wednesday, on Thursday

What do you about work when your child is sick?
Whose responsibility is it to stay home when daycare is not available?
Should Mom be the typical caregiver or should Dad step in?

For us, it actually works out pretty well.  My boss is pretty understanding, so it is a little easier for me to take time off.  And I can bring Goose to the office with me for small periods.  For the most part though, Hubs and I switch off who gets to stay home and who goes to work.
Funny thing though... I am usually (like 90% of the time) the one to take her to the Doctor.  Amazing how Hubs always manages to squirm out of that one...

We only have Goose in pre-school 2 days a week, the other three days she stays with my mom, so most of the time its a non-issue.  We also have jobs that allow us to have state holidays off too, so we don't have any problems with day care not being open.

Hubs and I try and take equal responsibility in raising Goose and staying home on sick days is no exception.  We weigh who has what going on at work vs. leave time available vs. who stayed home last.  

It's important to us that she has quality relationships with both her father and I.  Part of that is staying home on sick days.  She needs to know he is just as capable of taking care of her as I am.  And he deserves to have that time to dote on his little girl too.  

I never would have married the man if I didn't trust him to be perfectly capable of caring for our child.  


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Julia said...

it IS great to have a good boss. and yes, i agree, the kids need to be taken care of by both mom AND dad!!

thanks for the shout out the other day!!! i'll have to check out some of those other blogs you listed!!

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