An Easy DIY - Nerd Glasses

Do you go to movies?
How about 3-D ones?

Personally I think this whole 3-D fad is just a ruse for the movie companies to make more money off our sorry selves.  $10 for a movie! And no discount rates! Not even for kids! WTF!?

So, I'm sure you know, the theaters request that you "recycle" the glasses after the movie.
Most likely so they can re-package and re-sell them with their $10 movie tickets.
I mean, $50 for a family (of 3) outing is a tad rediculous.
So... I keep mine. 
Most of them get thrown away at home.
But its the principle people!!!

Anyway, I got kinda sick of tossing them and tried to think of something else to do with them.
And since nerd glasses are all the "rage" right now (I guess...)
I thought I would try out a little DIY.
They are pretty great for dress up!

Okay, so this is WAY easy.

First, remove the plastic lenses.
Its really simple.
They just pop out.

Then, using black fingernail polish, cover the 3-D logo.
It may take 2-3 coats to cover completely.
Let dry.


Now, wear them to your nerdy hearts content!!


ETA - I really like Miss. Candy's suggesstion of adding glitter.
You could also glue on rhinestones for a "retro" look.
 I was thinking of seeing if I could make these yarn glasses I saw on RVA.
You could even spray paint the glasses for a range of colors.
Think of the possibilities!!


Julia said...

so cute. you even look beautiful as a nerd!! ;)

Miss. Candy said...

I was just thinking the kids could add glitter, beads, etc. and use them for dress up too!!! Great idea to reuse them! Very cute photo!

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