Frame Makeover!

No before pictures.
Because... I forgot. 

Anyway, it was overcast but not raining today, so in an effort to get us some "fresh" air, I decided to spray paint some frames that have been waiting for a makeover.  Nothing like the smell of deadly chemicals in the spring air. Ahhhh ::sarcasm::

One was just a generic frame that I got in the family Christmas gift exchange. It was brown, all my frames were black.  And another frame, holding my prized possession, that I've just never been inspired enough to to anything with.

Hubs bought me a 1955 Marilyn Monroe nude calendar for my 18th birthday.  I am a HUGE Marilyn fan...  For years it just sat in the package in was given to me in, unframed but still loved. Years later, Hubs got it framed for me but it didn't really "go" and he figured I would probably craft it up anyway.  So it sat, for several more years, plain, in the frame, waiting. 
Until today.

My prized Marilyn got a makeover!! 
Apparently burlap is all the rage in crafting right now (see UCreate and Tatertots & Jello), so the other day at Fun Junk when I saw some vintage potato sacks for cheap, I snatched up a few. Not with anything in mind, just something new to try out and play with.

So... anyway, I was painting my frames and I remembered my burlap...
And then, I remembered this photo of Marilyn...

and the famous quote that she would look beautiful "even in a potato sack."
So, snip snip snip, I cut my burlap to size, trying to keep as much of the print showing as I could.
So those die-hard Marilyn fans would "get it."

Unfortunately, as I was carrying the frame outside, I broke it on the door frame.
I glued it back together, but there was still a small sliver of wood missing.
When all else fails,
A pretty flower will always do the trick!

Isn't she pretty now?

Can't wait to put her up in the bedroom. 
Don't worry, this isn't displayed in the house for all the world to see!
I may not be the most modest... but at least I try to keep up appearances. 


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