Why Not Be Happy?

That is what Goose was singing today.
And she is SO RIGHT!

Why NOT?

Sun-shining, birds chirping, just warm enough to be outside without a coat. 

I laid out my new (scored! from Value Village) blankie, 
and we ate some BLT's and read my favorite book. 
Just in time for spring.
A few weeks away!

We love to be outside!

It's magic, what happens to this child, when she gets some fresh air and sunshine.
It's magic for everyone, really.
Down to each blade of grass!

Ah, Spring!

Pure joy!

Goose had to pose with our cat.  
He likes to play "fetch" with her.
Well, he never brings it back,
but he likes to chase after it and bat it around.
Goose thinks it's "grrrreat!"

Giving my "amateur photographer" some time behind the lens.

This is where Molly is laid to rest.
We like to go out from time to time and talk to her.
All three of us.

Goose went by herself this time.
I don't know what she said to Molly,
but she came back with a smile on her face,
saying Molly was chasing sticks in Heaven and that she loved playing with 
Charlie and Itchy (from All Dogs Go To Heaven.)

Do you have your something GREEN?

I NEED a pair of green shoes! 
I keep waiting for Kathleen's Green Dress to show up on Shabby Apple.

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