Jump Start!

So I've decided to get a small jump start on the "projects" I want to accomplish this weekend! 
I just couldn't help it! 
I was inspired!
I had to!!!

I decided to use these two pieces from ModCloth as inspiration.

I wanted to tackle the zipper shoes and ruffle shirt.

I already had a pair of plain brown pumps that were just waiting for embellishment.
Embellish shoes? Who knew?
I never would of thought of it without the internetz.
And zippers? LUV!

And as soon as I saw the top, I wanted it!
But it was sold out.


So... after seeing the tutorial on Tea Rose Home, a lightbulb went off.
I decided to DIY it!

Yes, I'm still scared of my sewing machine, but hand-sewing only took about an hour.
I did it at work, between breaks, lunch and down time. 
Sadly, my boss even gave me a hard time for being afraid of my sewing machine.
He know me too well.
Thats what happen when you work for someone for six years.


I plan on wearing it tomorrow, a little wardrobe remix is in order.
Maybe I'll wear the shoes tomorrow night, they are a little too HOT for a law office!

And I've been a little more crafty tonight than I even planned!
I've been making some nifty rope necklaces too!
I picked up some upholstery cording from J's
(in the tutorial she uses the pre-made tie-backs, but the by-the-foot cord is beautiful!)
Next time I hope I have more time to wait at the cutting counter.
Anyway, here is one that I've made.

Personally, I;m not a fan of big necklaces. I;m more of a big earring girl.
So... these just might end up in the shoppe.
While digging through my stash I found some great Chinese knotted necklaces and what-nots. Samples that Hubs got when he used to work at the bead store.
I've added some pendants and they are much more dainty then the one shown above.

Okay... I have more crafting to do!!!

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