Projects I Want to Try This Weekend

Zipper Ballet Flats

Rope Necklace DIY

A Cheap Tassel Tutorial

Ruffle Shirt

Gadget Book

Dollar Store Serving Tray

And... as an added bonus, I can make all of the above projects and ONLY
buy some zippers and some upolstry rope for the necklace.
Oh, and a few odds and ends (like the serving tray) I get get from Dollar Tree.
I have everything else in my stash for everything else. 

I also have a birthday party for a special girl that I need to start planning for.
My time is running short.
Care Bears themed trays perhaps?

Shopping List
Brown zippers w/ gold teeth
Upholstry rope
Thick Toggle clasp
Dollar Store Tray
Drawer Handles

Happy Crafting!

Saw this pic! Had to share!
*source WeHeartIt*
Found on SkunkBoy

 Paper Cherry Blossom Branch
Okay, time to stop adding to the list.
There are simply not enough hours in the weekend to finish them all!

1 comment:

Rachel said...

Great craft ideas and I'm loving the picture of the blossoms! A Care Bear theme sounds fun. I still collect Grumpy Bear stuff! Found lots of cute Care Bear things in Target's dollar spot today...you may want to check it out.

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