The Love Challenge - Weeks 5-7

Week 5: You've Got Mail!
Who doesn't love getting snail mail?? So, send your sweetie a little something by way of the USPS. Send it to his work or even to the house. Or if you're really good at planning, send it to the hotel he'll be at on his business trip! It could be an old fashioned love note, a box of chocolates or a sexy little nightie! (wink, wink)
Week 6: Out of the Blue
This week, suggest that you two do something out of the ordinary. Driving range, mini-golf, bowling, a museum, movie or the ice cream shop. Think of it as a mini date night!
Week 7: Take 10 for him
This week, you need to do something to yourself for your husband. Take 10 minutes before bedtime to make yourself "presentable." It could be wearing something nice, taking a shower, putting on a little make-up and perfume. Whatever. When you feel nice, you feel better about being intimate. What you do after that is up to you. ;)

Week 5 was a bust for me. I didn't complete it. So I am going to cheat a bit and "backdate" W5.  I didn't send Hubs any snail mail during THAT specific week, I did send Valentine's through the mail this year.  To my loved ones, with a very special one for Steve.  I do like sending things in the mail.  Happy mail is always lovely to get! I am definately gonna try to do this more often. Not just to my husband, but family and friends as well.
Week 6 was definately easier, except that "date nite" included our daughter (its her birthday week!).  This weekend was absolutely beautiful (see my pictures in previous posts!) and we were exceptionally broke.  But we managed to scrounge up a few dollars for hot dogs and headed down town for a picnic lunch at the fountain.  We walked the boardwalk, explored a 100 year old tugboat, blew some bubbles, and got soaked in the fountain.  It was a beautiful family day at the park.
And Week 7... I have a secret... it's a certain perfume I wear when I want to "get some."  It's the purfume I wore when Hubs and I first started dating.  I only wear it when I want some extra attention.  It unlocks the horny teenagers in both of us.  And ya know, he has his own cologne that just gets me.  As far as the whole "Take 10" deal, I don't know how well I can do this one.  I try to take time EVERYDAY to put on my face and make myself presentable.  I know I'm a mom, but I've never stopped loving makeup, nail polish and pretty clothes.  Although, I do make an extra effort to keep my legs shaved. So, I guess that counts for something!

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