Style Muse - Gil Elvgren

As you all know,
I love anything vintage.
Marilyn Monroe, classic curves, old school pin-up models...

And no one did it better than Gil Elvgren.

He got his start in the 1930's and quickly became one of the most widely recognizable and revolutionary artists of his time.  His unique technique of photographing his models and then hand illustrating his pin-ups created remarkable, one of a kind collectables, sought after to this day.

Though he was most famously known for his pin-ups, he also did quite a bit of commercial work for companies like Coca-Cola and by the 1950's he was being published in mainstream publications like Cosmopolitan, McCall's and Good Housekeeping.

While many have tried to duplicate his artwork, no one was able to depict women with such beauty and grace.  And what some find as objectifying, I see it for the art it truely is and as a celebration of feminity for ages to come.

For more information on Gil Elvgren, visit his website!

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