An Outfit My Mom Would {Probably} Hate - WIWT

Every so often, I wear something and I know my mom would hate it.
Like the outfit I wore today.

The other day I went to Target to check out their new Liberty of London line.
I must say, I was a tad unimpressed.
I like the Target "knock-offs" much better.

Anyway, I saw this dress and envisioned my outfit before trying it on.
And it fit!

But this morning, as I was looking at myself in the mirror, I couldn't help but think
"My mom would HATE this outfit."
I've come to terms with it. We don't have the same style.
I like vintage/retro, she lived though it the first time.
I like bold colors and funky accessories and she.... doesn't.

That's not to say she's not stylish, she is.
We are just different.

So while I didn't see her today, I can tell you *exactly* what she would have said if she had seen me.
"You look... nice."
All with that certain look in her eye and sly upturned half smile.
Yeah, I know the look.



I love the bold floral print and the fact that the dress is actually a dark navy, not black.  It's colorful, vibrant and made of 100% cotton.  It'll be perfect with a pair of strappy wedges come summer.  I love the vintage cut bodice and the full (and above-the-knee) cut skirt. The only thing I don't like is the black elastic waist band. BUT, since I like this belt with the dress, its probably the only way I'll ever wear it. Problem solved!

Every once and a while, my mom throws me a curve ball and ends up liking something I don't think she will, but I don't think this outfit will be one of them.

But I love her anyway!

Dress - Target, $22
Sweater - Target, $6, sale
Tights - Target, $5
Belt - Target, $6, sale
Boots - Kmart, $25
Necklace - KelsyC Made "The Other Mother"
Flower Clip - KelsyC Made


I didn't realize my whole outft today was from Target. LOL!


Miss. Candy said...

Very cute! Why don't I come out looking like that after a trip to Target?!

Julia said...

love it! and i agree w/ Miss.Candy. i never look like that! ;)

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