WIWT- Ode to Keiko Lynn

I had a whole post planned
and I was gonna gush all things Keiko Lynn
'cuz her style is AH-mazing and my outfit today 
totally reminds me of something she would wear.

The outfit is from Fun Junk and (except the tights) completely thrifted.
The shoes came from VV.
The skirt and pink top are handmade and the sweater has lovely lace embellishments.


Now, as I sit down to write I am lacking motivation. 
I had a... challenging (is that the right word?) day.


I did take the pictures, so I may as well post them.


Throw in a skinny blue belt and vintage Dooney&Burke from my mom...
All in all, $30 (or less) for the entire outfit.  
And all "vintage."

Not too shabby I say!

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