Craft x NW Recap

Craft x NW can be described in one word:

Now I know what I need to do next time. 
Cuz there will be a next time.

Hubs was (and still is) sick, and I was having a bad week.
All this stress with moving and the craft fair really got to me.
So already things were not looking so hot for me.
I was a man down AND my IL's took the canopy/tent with them.
(How dare they!? It only belongs to them. ;"P)

I was supposed to get downtown to set up at 2 and I didn't get there until a quarter to 4.
The fair started at 4:00 pm!

it started to rain.

So there I was...
by myself...
with no tent...
in the rain.

I set up my display and started to get soaked.
People walked by and looked sorry for me.
I wanted to cry.
Then I got my first customer. 
And realized that the $20 in change I had brought with me was no longer in my pocket.

It rained harder.
I couldn't take any pictures.
I cried.

Then a wonderful girl took pity on me and invited me into her tent.
I was literally seconds from leaving when she stopped by. (And it was only 5!)
Her name was Molly.

We carried my displays through the rain and Molly and her friends (Emily and Emily, the "Deer soap" girl) graciously made space for me in their tent. 
Piel de Miel. That's the name of their business.
They don't have a website yet or I would link you up.
Molly and Emily make lip balms and face scubs and other body treats with organic and local ingredients and Emily makes (deer) soap.
All three of them were beautiful and amazing! And I am so so very thankful they took pity on me. I really couldn't have done it without them. 

I didn't make it the whole night. I only stayed until about 7:30 and I was supposed to stay until 9 pm. 
I tried to stay as long as possible but by the end of the day I was spent.
I made about $30 though. And my booth spot cost $30, so I broke even on that.
(Unless you count the $20 I lost...)
And despite feeling like a complete failure, I feel like I owe it to myself to go back and do this again.
I can't give up!!!

The organizer of Craft x NW is planning to do this every second Saturday of the month from June-September.
I don't know the cost yet, but I hope to be able to participate. 
Now, I know what I need to do to be prepared.  
And it shouldn't rain as much this summer.


I will be investing in a tent!

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Shasta said...

Aww, that sucks! But you met some other great ladies and are better prepared for NEXT time ;)

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