The "Uniform"

You thought I was joking, huh?
I really don't wear skirts and dresses every day.
I live in Washington. It rains.
What can I say... I may be a girl but I am practical.
And I lurves me my blue jeans and t-shirts!

Are you seeing a trend?
Jeans, tees, cardigans...
 It helps that I work at a pretty cool law office.
I don't need to dress up every day for work.
But I do, often.

So my 2-6-1 deal is still going strong.
I haven't gone shopping except for at Goodwill and Fun Junk.
I got a new summer dress for under $10 from Goodwill and
a new RED vintage Samsonite bag to add to my collection from Fun Junk for $15.

I need to take pics of my Samsonite collection for you.
Some day...

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