Easy Cardigan RE-fashion

I got this sweater in the men's department at Value Village.

It was $5 or $6, definately under $10, I don't remember.
It was missing some buttons and had a cheezy Izod logo on it.
I replaced the buttons with these skully buttons I found at the Dollar Tree of all places.
And then I added the iron-on decal from JoAnn's.
Another three bucks.

So, for about $10-ish,
I was able to convert an un-loved cardigan into
this stylish masterpiece.
"Boyfriend" sweaters are all the rage, aren't they?

Today, I'm wearing it over a thrifted white button up and
a corderoy pencil skirt. 
Black pinstripe tights and sky high black heels to finish the look.

My mom called me "preppy" this morning.
You tell me, are skull buttons preppy?
I wasn't really going for that.

Meh, I like it!

And this is what I wore yesterday.
My dress from Lulu's finally came last week!
It was backordered for-ev-r!

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