Told you I was gonna make these shoes!

I was digging through my craft stuff, working on my Craft x NW display and I found a long black zipper!
And then I dug out an old pair of Old Navy flipflops got to work.

*Ew, I need a new pedicure! I know what I'm doing tonight!*

I think they turned out pretty cute.
I think I want more colors.
If I didn't have everything on hand, I would say these could be made for under $5.
Cool, huh?
I think next time, I want to experiment with a different shapped bloom.
But these are fun!!

Here are another pair of plain shoes that I spiffed up a bit.

Cheapo slipper shoes from Walmart.
Made pretty with blooms made from reclaimed jeans.
I had bought them to be house shoes,
but since adding the flowers I have actually worn them a few times.
As real shoes.

Got any projects planned for the weekend?
Nothing for me here.
Got a baby shower for a friend on Saturday.
Then, just lots of packing and cleaning.

(More details to come)
And it even has a craft room.
And a small garden so I can plant stawberries.

Anyway, no crafts planned for me, although, I'm sure I'll make something!
Hopefully I will get my JillofallTradesCRAFT stuff photographed so
I can have a "preview" of my Craft x NW merchandise!


1 comment:

Lindsay Miles said...

Love the flip flops! Great job!

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