WIWT - Old Tights

I've had these tights since high school.  I have no idea how they have survived this long. 
I bought them my senior year when I took a trip with my family to Japan.
The shopping there is AH-may-ZING!
I'm a quarter Japanese. We went (my dad, bother, Grandma and I) to Japan and I got to meet so many different relatives.
My grandmother's brother and sister. Her mother. Cousins.
It was really an amazing experience!
I would love to go back to Japan as an adult, I was only 17 when we went, so I missed out on alot!

Sweater: Old Navy, $6
Grey top: Walmart, $7
Red cami: Walmart, $5
Skirt: Target, $10
Tights: from Japan
Shoes: gifted

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