In Memoriam

Casualties of the Fire

Wedding china. Set of silver. Kitchen appliances. Dining table/chairs. Pots and pans. Rice cooker. Two computers. 5 years worth of digital photos. Music. So. Much. Music. Birth certificates. Social security cards. Big screen TV. Miscellaneous serving platters/kitchen items. Pyrex casserole dishes.  Antique hutch. Clothes. Towels. Goose's shoes. Goose's collectors dishes from Tiffany's that were a gift when she was born. Signed Ashley Force Barbie. HP printer. Nail polish. 6 bottles of collectible Marilyn Merlot wine. Ephemera and other random craft stuff. Vintage button collection. All of my ribbon. Vintage sewing basket with needles, thread, scissors and vintage notions. Scrapbook paper. Sewing machine. Snow board. Hub's collectible soccer cleats. Most of his pants. Jackets. 10 years worth of holiday decorations. High school yearbooks. Photo albums from middle school and before. The necklace I was given by Goose for my first Christmas as a mommy. My first mother's day gift. The pearl and diamond earrings my dad gave me for HS graduation. A couch. King size sleep number bed. Crib/toddler bed. Luggage/suitcases. Bathing suits. The first scrapbook I ever made, for Steve, Baby stuff I was saving. Iron & ironing board. All my Stickles. Glimmer mist. Paper punches (not sure which ones...) Paint and brushes. Goose's art supplies. Her art table. Vintage costume jewelry. Make-up. Everything in the medicine cabinet. Vacuum cleaner. Jewelry box. Goose's charm bracelet from Grandma and charms. Goose's first Pooh Bear "piggy" bank. Molly's first and last dog collar.  Marital aids. The Rad Jacket. Matching TV and entertainment stand. Computer desk. Camera charger. USB and CD backups. Book shelves. Art work, purchased and created. Magnets and fridge artwork. Other "stuff." Corduroy pencil skirt. Jean pencil skirt. Chocolate brown scarf. Goose's socks. Marilyn Monroe train case. Needle felting supplies. Beads and beading supplies. Commemorative cake knife from our wedding. Professional portraits. Time capsule, to be opened on Goose's 16th birthday. Couch. Art notebook.

(I'm sure this list will continue to grow. Every time I stop and think, I can add more and more to the list. And I'm still unpacking what we did move, so I'm still not 100% on what we still have.)

Thank God it was all just STUFF.

No, I'm not materialistic, I'm mourning.
I know it was all just stuff and I am so grateful for everything we have.
But, yeah... I am sad about the things we lost.
So many meaningful and important things gone.

I have my memories.
I have my scrapbooks.
I have my family.

I have everything important.


KelsyC said...

::sigh:: Oh yeah, all my cookbooks and a huge box of other books. Many of them were my faves that I was saving for Goose when she is older. The Giver... A Wrinkle in Time... all of my Babysitter's Club books. Hub's collection of hardback Clive Cussler books. At least Hubs grabbed Goose's box of books SUNDAY night before we left. Got all the special ones!

KelsyC said...

No!! All of my Gnomes! My poor gnome collection! And I think my spoon collection too. The painting my brother made me. My wedding bouqet and my bridesmaids bouguet.

That was the house I brought my daughter home from the hospital to when she was born.

Julia said...

oh Kelsy, I'm so sorry!! How freaky, but how lucky you guys weren't there. I truly believe, like you said, it all happened "the right way." God was protecting you guys. Keep your eyes focused on HIM during this hard time.

I saw a comment on the news story you posted and someone from Out of the Ashes wanted to get in touch with you. I hope you reach out to them to see how they can help.

Love you girl and everyone on ASP is praying for you.

Margaret (mauriac) said...

I am so sorry to hear this, and I am so glad you all are safe. The mourning will be hard even though it is just stuff... still such a loss. Please let us know if there's anything we can do. Many hugs and thoughts and prayers!!

Jenny said...

So so very sorry to hear of your loss, very tragic. Yes, it's just stuff but still there seems to be items that were important to you. God Bless you!

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