Sorbet Sunday

I had a full weekend of packing. And cleaning. And moving. 
It was... less than fun.

So I had to take many breaks. 

And Goose kept lamenting that "cleaning is BOR-ring!"
So, I can make excuses and blame the breaks on her.

She played dress up.
She also unpacked toys faster than we could pack them.

So, I decided to stop at Lowes today and I picked up some seeds.
I had planned on doing this project, but it was more mess than I could handle today.
We planted some seeds instead.
I got basil, tomatoes, peas, watermelon and pumpkin.

I also potted some lemon mint from the yard to take with us. 
The gnomes are hanging out in the pot.
My hope is that they will be ready to plant outside by the time we move in a couple weeks.

I also redid my manicure. 
I am totally loving the multi-colored nails at the moment.
Even though the weather was crap, I was totally in a springy mood today.

And now, Hubs is in reading Goose a story, I'm up next.
And then, I fully intend to melt into the couch and not move for the rest of the night.

Hope you all had a productive weekend too!

1 comment:

Alexa Mae said...

you nails are darling!!! i wish i could pull it off.

and goose=precious!
love that pic.


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