Stolen - I mean BORROWED pictures.

I haven't downloaded any of my party pictures yet, but Tara posted these awesome ones on her facebook and I am stealing borrowing them. Oh come on, it's not like she won't steal mine when I post them. Tee-hee... well, I'll probably just send them all to her on a disk. 

I was kind of assigned photographer duties for the day, since Tara was busy with the party... She wanted to make sure to get enough pictures.  Not that its a problem, since pretty much everyone there had a camera.

So here they are!

Goose, Aubrey and Kinsley.

Now tell me those aren't three of the cutest little girls you have every seen!?
Goose the tomboy.
Aubrey the girly-girl.


Kinsley, she's just adorable. I couldn't stop kissin' her cheeks. I wanna eat her up!
Kins really made me miss when Goose was a baby,
surprisingly though, it did NOT make me want another.

Still stuck on my ONE and ONLY!

More pics to come!

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