Tutorial Tuesday - Housewares!

Here are some cute tutorials for around the house.
I am totally loving these tutorials right now. 
My home is in desparate need of decor. 
Since, ya know... this.

Shell Wreath Tutorial 

DIY Dry Erase Board

Terra Cotta Coasters

Cork Board and Flower Push Pins

Kitchen Untensil Key Rack

Magnetic Chore Cards

I especially love the coasters and flower push pins. 
Those will definately be added to my decor. 
Since I have no coasters... or push pins.
I do have a rather large cork board, though. 
It needs a new dress aka paint job!

And tell me the utensil key rack isn't adorable.
I dare ya!

Happy Crafting!


Shasta said...

Love these Kelsy! You should make one of these, it would look so cheery on your dinner table ;)


Alex said...

Thank you for featuring my seashell wreath!

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