First Weekend at HOME

The neighborhood we moved to is lovely.
Everyone has beautiful yards and well manicured gardens.
(Well, except for one house. And there is always one...)
And everyone picks up after their dogs.

There are two parks within walking distance.
With toys to play on...

And trees to climb.
Everything is in walking distance.
Parks, food, the mall, the movie theater, JoAnn's...

It was the first nice weekend - Saturday, at least - all year.
So I wore my Bleubird Vintage dress.
I was probably overdressed for the park
I really didn't care.
It was finally nice enough to wear the dress w/o a sweater and tights.
I even wore sandals!!

I confess, I took flowers from someones yard.
But in my defense, the house is vacant and for rent.
Goose and I explored the home a bit (it was BEAUTIFUL!)
And in the back yard there was a bush of these beautiful fragrant flowers.
I had to have some for my table.
My whole kitchen smells wonderful.

And Goose made a friend. 
A little girl named Taylor who lives a few houses down.
They were fast friends and played for about an hour upon meeting.
And Taylor's parents were super nice and friendly too.

To borrow a line from Annie...
I think I'm gonna like it here.

ETA- Oh, and it turns out that Katrina and Dave, Taylors parents, are from the side of town we just moved from. It happens that Dave's cousin was the one who called 911 when our house was burning.
Got another
Haha, yup.
Small world, huh?

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