Life is a Picnik

I'm constantly on the lookout for free/cheap online photo editing programs.  Editing photos can make a good photo great, a bad photo good.  Whether you are just adjusting colors or changing the style, photo editing is the major difference between professional and amature looking photos. 

When I had a computer, my go-to was just iPhoto.  I never had the money or time to get Photoshop, so free and easy is what I need.  I'm not trying to do anything fancy, mainly adding vingettes or changing a color pic to black & white, so iPhoto worked well.  I eventually downloaded Poladroid for a faux polaroid look. And Photobucket's FotoFlexor program works pretty well, except that its so slow.  I liked Rollip alot until they started charging for their edits.

But yesterday, farting around, looking for something comperable to iPhones Hipstamatic app, I found Picnik.  It's free, easy, and fast!!! You can instantly publish your photos to Twitter or Facebook.  I'm thinking of upgrading to the premium version ($24.99 for 1 year) because I like it so much.  Here is a photo I was playing with.

Original photo, no edits

Adjusted color/exposure.

Adjusted color/expsoure,
added vingette, and "lomo-ish" effect.

Holga-ish effect

1960's and Film Grain

Sepia w/ fade and vingette.


There are so many other features, even more if you upgrade.  I finally have found a picture program that I really really like.  I hope this gives you a good idea of what this program is capable of.  And it is SO easy! No need to know about curves and layers and all that. 

And can you tell I have a new favorite picture ever?
I love them so!

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