Today is my first official day back to work in 10 days...
Gotta say, it was a wonderful vacation.  Just what I wanted and needed.
And now its time, unfortunately, to get back to normal. 
Work. Blah.

I am feeling super invigorated by getting away.

On July 26, my dad, Goose, Hubs and I packed the cars and headed out for Lake CHelan.
It's about a 4 hour drive from home, but its practiacally a world away.
This state never fails to amaze me.
There we were, sitting on a lake in the middile of the mountains.
80 degrees and you could still see snow on the hill tops.
How could I be so lucky to live this close to lakes, mountains, the ocean, and snow...
There isn't a more beautiful place (well, Oregon if you ask Hubs.)

I have been camping in Lake Chelan with my family for as long as I can remember.
Every summer from 6 months to 16 years... when being a bitchy teen got in the way.
I love camping. Wearing only a swimsuit and sunglasses.
No makeup. No heels. No blow dryer.

There was lots of talking, reminicing, contemplating...
drinking. Ugh... tequila is bad news!
Goose did pretty well. She had a ton of fun!
And boy does that girl tan.  I had her slathered in SPF 50 and she still got dark.

I feel like both Goose and my husband got to know my dad a little better.
My dad is so cute with Goose.
And he is still very much my "DAD."
His advice is much easier to take now that I am an adult though.

I have many more posts in progress. 
I took over 400 pictures while camping, not to mention 4th of July pictures.
Which are all on my facebook, by the way.
Expect more camping photos and stories this week.
And next week, back to normally scheduled programming.
Whatever that means.


Alexa Mae said...

oh you are so darling! looks like a great time. that lake is soooo pretty. mwah!!

Devon said...

welcome back! how cool to get to share your and your dads camping trip with your family now!

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