Quickie Tank Top

I was cleaning my craft room on the morning of the 4th. I finally had some time to spend in there, unpacking and cleaning.  I found my stash of vintage fabics (yay!) and two particular prints caught my eye.  Red/white stripes and blue with white dots. Prrrrrfect.  I was already wearing a pink striped tank, something I picked up on sale at Old Navy for a couple bucks.  And Goose was wearing a pink/red/blue shirt for the day. (I like to match her. ::blushes::)

I plopped my butt on the floor, took off my shirt and got to work.  Hubs came in and laughed at me.  Sitting on the cluttered floor of my craftroom in only a bra and skirt.

"Ready in 15?" He asked.
Haha... not a chance. 

Actually though, I made good time.  First I tore a rectangle of the striped fabic and a square of the polka dot.  I rolled and pulled them to make them look more frayed.  I glued my pieces together with "No-Sew" Fabric Glue from Aileen's.  I really like this stuff for small appliques.  It's a liquid glue, made for fabrics, specifically to wash out w/o any residue.  I glued it in place then used a simple running stitch to attach it to the shirt.  I like the pink thread, it gives a nice contrast to the red/blue. 

And done!
And I think I actually ready in time, too!
I added a red scarf, navy cardi, cut-off kakhis and flip flops. 
Comfy, cute, and no one else was wearing it!

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