Craft Spotlight: Make Jewellery

My mother-in-law is a collector of hobbies.
She has tried almost every kind of craft under the sun.
And she loves to read.
And shop.

So, add those things together, and you get a one woman craft library.
All at my unlimited disposal.

On a recent "library trip" I picked up this great book (pictured above) published by the makers of Make Jewellery Magazine.  Out of all of the beading mags, I think Make Jewellery is one of my favorites.  It has big pictures, amazing styling and trendy designs.  Unfortunately, the don't sell it here.  Its published in Europe.  My in-laws take a yearly trip to the Czech Republic for the store and she gets them there.

So this recent book is amazing.  I have already tackeled several projects and used several others for inspiration.  My favorite project was this necklace:

I like the big beads, mixed textures and playful bright colors.
Here is mine.

The glass, plastic and metal beads came from Shipwreck.
The chain is from JoAnn's.
And the blue crochet bead came from a scarf I bought from Old Navy.  I loved the color blue, but it had these funky blue balls as "fringe". Weird. So I cut them off and into the stash they went.

As you can see, I did chain links on my version. 
I also went with a few more beads.
Also, instead of a clasp, I used a piece of lace as a closure. 
I wanted to be able to adjust the length so I could have both a longer necklace and a shorter "choker".

I think it looks great paired with a basic black T and jeans.
I also have on some big silver hoops from F21.
Basic. Classic. With the necklace for that touch of sass.

Also recently created:

And this bracelet with crochet flowers from ComfyCountry on Etsy.
I think this bracelet looks rather cute with my necklace above!

This necklace with gorgeous painted wood beads, also from Shipwreck.
This was made with just beads and ribbon.
Super simple and super cute!

Thanks for looking!

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