Things That People Without Kids Get To Do

This weekend we found ourselves suddenly and unexpectedly without child.
My mother in law was going to visit family and she wanted a traveling companion.
"SHE'S ALL YOURS!" We both said gladly.
Goose loves her cousin on the "other side of the mountains."
Her and Aubrey are "BEST FRIENDS."

And Friday afternoon, off they went to Kennewick.
We got off work at 5, got home at 5:15 and sat.
We stared at each other.
We walked in circles.
We watched a TV show that we can't watch when Goose is home.
South Park, if you were wondering.

Then we cleaned the kitchen. Together.
And made dinner.
Hawaiian meatball subs. From scratch. Yumm!
And we didn't eat 'till after 8!

meatballs, teriyaki BBQ sauce, pineapple, grilled onions and Swiss cheese.

We called some friends over and then walked to the bar and played some pool.
It was pretty cool.
Hubs plays pool every week or so at this tavern that's a block away from our house.

Normally, I stay home, because, ya know, someone has to stay with the kid.
But this time I GOT TO GO!
I'm not any good at pool, but its fun to play.

We went to bed at 3 am and didn't get up 'till 10.
When we got up I asked Hubs, "What do people without kids watch on the weekends?"
I flipped through the channels and almost wished Goose was home so I could have an excuse to watch cartoons.  Don't judge me.

And then I cleaned. We cleaned.
Scrubbed the kitchen.
Scrubbed the toilet.
Swept. Mopped. Vacuumed.

And it actually stayed that way!

I even cleaned Goose's room! I was mighty proud of myself.
I love a clean house. I would just love for someone else to clean it.
But I was in a mood and wasn't about to quit.
Still didn't have the will to fight the laundry monster though.
I washed it all... its just on the couch, waiting to be folded.

We didn't make breakfast and had an early lunch so around 4 pm we decided to go get food.
Greasy burgers from the best place in town.
With extra goop!

We took our dinner back home and finished eating and it was only 5 pm.  We had a whole night ahead of us and no plans what-so-ever.
A movie?
Why not?
I searched movie times on my phone (and the Flixster app for Blackberry is AWESOME, btw!)
and we decided to go see The Town directed by Ben Affleck.]

We decided we were bored at 5 pm.
By 6, we had decided on a movie.
And we were in our seats at 7:05 pm.
Just like that. No babysitter. No messing around.

I've never been Ben Affleck's biggest fan.
I love Mallrats and Dogma, but he always played a douche and that's kinda how I saw him.
But ladies, let me tell you, that man has gotten hotter with age.
And the whole "devoted dad, husband, family man" image doesn't hurt.
It reminded me alot like "Departed" with a similar style to "The Shawshank Redemption."
We were both pleased with our choice.

We came home and I made (and destroyed a cake.)
It's a good thing taste buds don't have eyes, cuz it tastes GREAT!

It was 10:30 pm or so, and we were bored.
And wired from cake.
And tipsy from wine.
So, hubs decided we should get some beer.
We collected all the change in the house (cuz we are cool like that) and decided to walk to the gas station down the road.

It was POURING, I mean, just DUMPING rain.
My feet were soaked before we left the driveway.
My coat, completely soaked after a block.
On the way home I ditched my coat and walked in the rain.
It wasn't even that cold.

It's the Water

Then we got home. Drank some beer. Watched TV.
We did "those things" that people do when they love each other, very much.

Then we slept in.

Hubs made me breakfast in bed but I was hungover.
I don't normally drink enough to be hungover.
I was so glad that my singing Goose wasn't home.
She is constantly singing and talking and chirping and squeaking.
Moving, dancing, running.
She is exhausting. And headache inducing, without the help of a hangover.

Then we laid on the couch and watched football.
All day.

Then we made dinner, Goose came home, and we all went to bed early.

I sure did miss that girl but I have to say...
It was awesome to act like ADULTS instead of PARENTS!

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joel said...

AWESOME post Kelsy!

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