Keeping Busy

I haven't been blogging,
but I have been trying to keep my little hands busy in other ways.
I made some art for my walls.

I made a rediculously large flower brooch for my jacket.

I made this chalkboard thought bubble. 
I'm going to make some more for a back to school themed photo shoot.

And then I made these feather earrings.
I saw a friend wearing a pair and the next day,
I was at Joann's and found the feathers on sale for $.99.
It was meant to be!

I have a few other crafty projects planned for the weekend.
They include painting a mirror for Goose's room,
more feather earrings
and a photoshoot.

Oh, and I am getting a bed!
Thanks to @joeltelling!!
He is an awesome photographer, super dad and great friend.

And we are having a BBQ with some out of town friends we haven't seen in ages.

And its a three day weekend.

Do you have plans???

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