I'm a Butterfly...

I have decided that, like the butterfly, it's time to emerge from my cuccoon. All this self-induced isolation is quite depressing and I am ready to dig myself out of my funk.

I think it started yesterday, when on a whim, I decided to chop off about 6 inches of hair. Figuratively and literally I feel like a load has been taken off. Damn, I had a lot of hair! It's a cute short bob and I love it. Perfect for summer. It's been years since I've had short hair.

Really, don't have a lot to say today. Just wanted to wish you all a wonderful weekend and let you all know that you will be seeing more of me from now on. And of course that I've missed you! Lots! Promise. I've got frocks to show off, crafts to display... I have even been SEWING!!! (...by hand, but hey... its a start!)

Shirt - Target (sale! $3)
Skirt - Etsy -
Southern Skirts (New skirt obsession, more on this later)
Shoes - Anchor Blue (hella old... 'member that store? I seriously love theser shoes!
Bag - Vintage -
Fun Junk (Nancy has a blog! Loves!!!)
Anklet - Handmade from Africa

So, let me close by saying I miss you all, my lovely internetz friends! I'm ready to feel normal. Hubs and I are (getting there) in a much better spot, even falling in love again. Love that can't be broken or questioned... not that I ever (not even for one second) questioned our love. I just think that now, we both know how much work it's gonna take to keep the fire burning (red-hot right now, in case you were wondering!)

Anyway, hope it's sunny where you are. It's supposed to be beautiful this weekend here so I envision lots of time spent outside working on my tan (or blowing bubbles with Goose or both...) and of course the obligitory weekend cleaning day. The joys!

Half day for me today and I am gonna go enjoy the sunshine. Might even hit up a park with my Girl, who knows... summer feeds my soul!

PS - Love love love you!!!!


roxybonds said...

My heart feels happy to hear the sunshine in your voice (post). I have been thinking about you lots! I am happy to hear from you and hope that you are in a good place in life and love!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you are feeling better! I love haircuts too. They feel so great! Have an awesome weekend.

Toccara said...

Happy to hear from ya! Glad you are doing better and you marriage!

Julia said...

so glad to hear from you!! you are adorable in that outfit! I miss you girl!! :) ;)

Heather said...

Good to hear from you! Glad you're doing better- I hear you on the haircut, I need one in the worst way!

Margaret (Mauriac) said...

So glad to hear that you're doing better! I chopped my hair off too - about 10 inches, I think - so nice to do in summer. :) Hope things continue to look up for you!

Misty said...

Glad you are emerging!! Hope to see you around!!

~Erica~ said...

What a wonderful post! I so miss you and your funky style! I need some more Kelsy inspiration!! ;-)

Kristi B. said...

It's nice to hear that things are looking up for you & hubby. Sometimes I get lost in my world here at home & feel like I am nobody. I always fear that something bad will come along & tempt me. I can only hope that if & when it does, my family will find me worthy enough to fight too.
Keep on smiling, loving & being you!

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