Bumbershoot - Day 2


I guess I didn't take many pics on Sunday. We saw a comedy show (no cameras allowed) and some shows at night. And without a flash on my camera right now - its pretty much useless at night.

We saw Aziz Ansari (the Indian guy from Parks and Recreation.) We were trying to see Nick Swardson (Terry, Reno 911-RIP), our favorite comic, but he was a last minute cancellation and Ansari filled in. He was surprisingly SUPER funny dude and a great surprise to see!

AND Doug Benson and Sarah Silverman opened for him, and they weren't even billed! That was an awesome surprise!

And here we are...
back at the motel getting cozy. We spent quite a bit of time in the room... enjoying each other... wonderful!


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Anonymous said...

I would have loved to see Aziz Ansari. That's rad that Benson & Silverman opened for him. I saw Arj Barker a couple years ago at Bshoot. He and Morgan Murphy opened for Paul F Thompkins, though Arj was way better. He'll be in town next weekend, too.

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