My Little Sister's Closet - WIWT

My little sister, Emmy, has this dress that I love.
Its white with blue pin-striping and ruffly and very Ralph Lauren-y looking.  
She looks so cute in it.  Every time she wears it, I get green with envy!
I tell her how much I want one in my size.


The moment I saw this dress at Target, I had to snatch it up!
It's a Converse brand wrap dress.  
For some reason, the bust is cut really large... might have to do something about that...
But it looks cute with a tank top underneath.

And I mixed my black's and brown's.
For shame, I know. 
But I wanted my headband to match my outfit!!!

Under the dress, I have on a black tank.
The tights, from Walmart, are brown and black striped, you can't tell in the pics.
And my much loved K-mart boots! (The heel is wearing out! Boo hoo!!!)

The boots were actually an extra little nod to Em.
That girl is starting to have quite a thing with boots.
First it was pink cowboy boots.
Then some pink knit knee high boots.
And now, a pair of brown suede slouch boots. 

And lately, she has been rocking the boots and tights look.
Which you know I love.

Oh... did I mention that she's NINE?

So is it weird that I take fashion advice from a 9 year old?

I don't think so...

I like to think I am teaching her all I know about fashion.
And all I know, I learned from my mom.
(And her Speigle catalog and Mary Kay!)
Who happens to also be her mom....
I think both of my sisters are in very good fashionable hands.

Now I need to scour my closet and see if I can find a Harley-beast worthy outfit lurking there.
That girl definitely has her own unique style too.

I think I just may want to be like them as much as they want to be like me!

Dress: Target, $25
Black Tank: Ross $6
Tights: WM $5
Boots: K-mart $20
Brown Scarf: WM, $5
Headband: KelsyC-made
Necklace: Silpada
Black bone pendant: KelsyC-made
Coconut shell earrings: KelsyC-made

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Lindsay Miles said...

You are stunning!

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