Product Placement Thursday!! Beauty Review.

Yes, I know its not Thursday yet.
Deal with it. 
Cordially, KelsyC

Recently, I've become slightly obsessed with nail polish.  
Never in my life have I ever been this diligent with making sure they are painted.
I'm just way to lazy AND I never really cared.
But now my philosophy is
short, trimmed, and changed often.  

I don't care if its expensive polish or the $.99 stuff! I just love color.
And lots of it! Matching or not.  Whatever fits my mood.
And I discovered a product that has become INDISPENSABLE during my nail polish adventures.

Let me tell you, this stuff is AH-mazing!!! It's a little on the expensive side but worth every penny.
One quick coat makes ANY nail polish virtually indestructible.
Even the cheap stuff.  
And it dries ANY polish in 2 minutes or under!

That means I can go almost a full 7 days (okay, really more like 5) with a next to perfect manicure.
Which for me, is great.  
10-15 minutes to remove the old coat and put on a new one.
Add the top coat.
Wait two minutes.

You can even go to bed within 30 minutes of painting, and with the top-coat, 
NO smudging!!!

So for a lazy, unmotivated, time-crunched mom, this stuff is perfect.
It also works nicely for wiggly toddlers who want their toes painted
BUT don't want to sit still long enough for them to dry!

**I am not paid for any product reviews!**
Any product opinions are based on my true feelings.
I am not paid or compensated in anyway.
Should anyone want to send me products to review, I will do so gladly.
And I will make sure to notify my readers as such.

1 comment:

Lindsay Miles said...

Ah! I have to try this. I always have my nails painted, but HATE when they chip or smudge.
I've also found that glitter nail polish stays on longer!

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