WIWT - RVA/Elsie Dress!

When my mom saw me today she asked,
"What are you? Twelve?"

Yeah, I know.  I'm not normally a "dress-over-pants" girl.
In fact, its not a look I care for.
Okay... detest.

But I got this dress from RVA made by Ms. Elsie herself.
And I have really wanted to wear it.

Well,  I wore it to Goose's birthday party last Saturday,
with magenta tights, a yellow cardi and my cowboy boots.
But I forgot my camera.
And didn't get ANY party pictures. At all.

But it was cold today. Like, really cold.
Storming cold.
SNOWING, on April 2nd, cold.
So I wore pants. Yup.

I also cut my hair today.
I decided I needed short bangs.
They are a little longer than I want, but that will be fixed.
I like them. Its a fun change!

What do you think of my earrings?
I found some COOL knit buttons in a grab bag from Fun Junk and
made them into earrings!

Do the short bangs make me look younger?
More Asian? 
I haven't had bangs since I was eight, I think!

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