Painted Shoes #FAIL

Not all craft projects work out. 
Even when you follow the directions to a T.

I bought some shoes for $5 at Goodwill.
I painted them bright green.
Used primer, couple coats of paint and a couple coats of sealant.
Waiting between each step for them to dry.

They looked great.
Until I wore them for the first time.

*Sorry for the crappy pics, I'm limited to my cell phone at the moment.*

Not sure what I did wrong.
Should I have used Modge Podge instead of acrylic sealer?
I thought about sanding the shoes first with fine grain sandpaper to rough up the leather to make the paint hold. 
Or I wonder if I tried the same technique I used to paint my vintage bag.
I haven't had any problems with the paint chipping off the bag.
Purses don't really endure the same wear and tear as shoes.

I definately want to try this again, with a little tweaking.
And I want to try out Kathleen's other Shoe Re-Do's as well.

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