About Us - Autumn Edition

We know how to have fun.

We like to make jokes.
About chocolate cake.

Sometimes, we act like monkeys!

But we always love each other!

Fall is the perfect time of year to get outside and explore your community.
We are blessed to have dozens of parks in our small town.
Every year, we make a point to explore our enviornment and learn about nature.

I like to hunt for mushrooms.
I like to smell the damp air.
I like to feel the mud squish under my boots.
I love to hear Goose laugh as she jumps in puddles.
I love the Pacific Northwest and I love FALL!

Do you have any special fall activities for your family?

1 comment:

Tanya said...

Glad you found me on Dollar Store Crafts on FB. That's awesome you are from the NW as well. We are originally from the Auburn/Enumclaw area, but last year moved over to E. Wash. Better weather, but we do miss our Seattle area. Great to meet you through blogging. I'm now a follower of yours as well.

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